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Marbles Restaurant has been an integral part of the Waterloo community since 1977!

From its first inception as a family-run business to today's newly renovated, modern venue that embodies the energy and innovation of the local startup environment, Marbles is a pillar of quality in the Uptown Waterloo dining scene. Experience Marbles one of a kind dining experience for yourself.

The building that is now home to Marbles Restaurant was originally built as a livery stable for the Alexander House, a hotel that once stood on the corner of King and William. The hotel was built in the mid 1870s by David Kuntz, the owner of the Kuntz brewery, which was on the diagonally opposite corner of King and William Streets. The hotel was torn down in the 1930s, however the livery stable remained and has been the home of several businesses before becoming the iconic restaurant that it is today. The building is almost 150 years old yet its charm is as radiant today as it’s ever been.

Marbles is open for lunch and dinner daily, as well as offering a full à la carte brunch on weekends. Enjoy an outstanding selection of inspired North American dishes, including fresh, made-from-scratch soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas, burgers, fish and steak. A well-chosen wine list and extensive offering of local craft beer along with an extraordinary dessert menu complement every meal.

We are proud to be a part of the Uptown Waterloo community and are excited to continue the ongoing legacy that has made Marbles Restaurant the favorite to so many of our loyal customers.


The Entire Marbles Family

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Updated Menu: Old Favourites and New Classics

You thought the renovations were big? We can’t wait for you to see the “pièce de résistance” - our new menu!


Restaurant Chef

Dean is the magic behind all of our delicious dishes


Dean Baker

Drawn to the kitchen at an early age by his grandmother's passion and skill for cooking, Dean was quick to fall in love with culinary pursuits. His earliest and most poignant memory was making the simplest of treats, perogies, following his grandmother’s recipe. Those blueberry or cottages cheese pillows were perfect and represented to him what was important about the time spent in the kitchen: attention to detail and the love that went into it!

Dean’s first job was a natural fit, at a Waterloo-based German bakery where he spent his days filling custard tarts and learning the lay of the land. A high school co-op placement at a local landmark, The Charcoal Steakhouse, would cement his love for the kitchen and lead to his enrollment at George Brown College in Toronto, where he would get the foundation all great Chefs need.

Over the next six years, Dean worked his way through the east side of Canada, spending time cooking in New Brunswick, Montreal, Toronto and most notably for him, a long stint under his soon to be father-in-law, at Ashburn Golf Club in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Having spent this time in some of Canada's most heritage-rich regions, Dean’s cuisine is truly a well-balanced mosaic of the “Canadian plate”.

Having grown up in Waterloo, Dean has long been inspired by our close connection to the land around us and the expectation and tradition in making the trip from the field to the plate as brief as possible. Excited to add to the next chapter at Marbles, Dean looks to both honor our 40 years of history as well as shape the next 40!