Monday Night Burger Event!

Get your burger HERE! Come to Marbles on Monday and enjoy a pint of Wellington and a burger. Choose from 2 burgers, our ‘Burgerplex 5000 and Marblz’ or our famous ‘Lamb Burger’ with feta and kale for $20.00



Thursday Marbles Mussel Night!

P.E.I. Mussels, 3 types of house inspired combinations to choose from. Half pound for $7.00, or try all 3 if you dare?



Sunday Milano Grill Night!

Spidooch platter for one, or come share with your friends. Ten chicken or beef skewers, grilled Ontario corn, red skin potato salad and curried tomato chutney for $15.00. Watch our chefs grill your succulent charcoal kissed meat sticks to order on our Spiducci BBQ on our timeless patio.